Virginia Barber and Cosmetology Related Professions

Master Esthetician or Esthetics Instructor Examination and License Application


Please make sure that you meet at least one of these requirements BEFORE applying for this license.
  1. Have you completed an apprenticeship program by the Division of Apprenticeship Training of the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry?
  2. Have you completed an approved master esthetics training program in a Virginia licensed esthetics school?
  3. Have you completed 600 hours of master esthetician training which is substantially equivalent to the Virginia program that is obtained outside the Commonwealth of Virginia?
  4. Have you completed a substantially equivalent master esthetician course (consisting of less than 600 hours of training) and six months of master esthetician work experience. Both training and experience must be obtained outside the Commonwealth of Virginia?
  5. Are applying to take the Master Esthetician Instructor examination?
  6. Are you previously licensed in Virginia by examination and past the reinstatement period?
  7. Are you an Endorsement applicant required to complete the Virginia examination?

Please select your examination type below: